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Ferret Insists On Showing Her Caregiver Her Babies

This new mother ferret really wants to show her caregiver her newborn kits! In the sweet video, she insists her human come take a look at her babies in their nest/den. She jumps out of the small box where her babies are sleeping to drag the man’s hand back using her teeth!

The mama is very happy when he moves his hand over to the box and pets her youngsters. She jumps in and watches as he cuddles them. She isn’t as happy when he tries to pick one up, as she no doubt wants to keep all her babies together. But she certainly trusts her caretaker a great deal.

When he tries to take his hand away, she springs over to drag his hand back.

Many people love the exchange. One viewer wrote, “Just imagine how much this animal respects and trusts that human. To not only to be comfortable letting the human around its babies, but to willfully introduce and show them. Wow.”

She is definitely wanting him to stay with her and give her and her young ones cuddles and pets. Maybe she thinks he will also protect them for her?

Other viewers think there’s a different maternal instinct at work. Said one viewer, “She’s doing that because she has a strong connection with you and her maternal instincts are kicking in, she wants to take you to the nest with the babies because she thinks you’re one of them right now.”

“That’s how I interpreted it too. She was acting like they [the caretaker] were one of her babies,” agreed another viewer.”

But others conclude that the ferret simply loves the man. Commented one person, “When she was just dragging his arm to her babies, she knew that he is the most trusted person she knows.”